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IACCHUS(Iakkhos) A torch-bearing deity of the processions of the Eleusinian Mysteries who personified the ritual cry "iakkhe". He was a daemon attendant of the goddess Demeter.

IAPETUS (Iapetos) One of the six elder Titans, and the ancestor of mankind, who represented mortality.

IASION A springtime consort of the goddess Demeter and patron-deity of the Samothracian Mysteries.

IASO The goddess of recovery, one of the daughters of the divine physicianAsclepius.

ICELUS (Ikelos) A daemon (spirit) of prophetic dreams who appeared in the sleep of kings as an animal shaped phantasm. His brothers, Morpheus and Phantasus, assumed the forms of men and inanimate objects.

ICHTHYES (Ikhthyes) A pair of large fish which rescued the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros when they were fleeing the raging monster Typhon.


ICHTHYOCENTAURS (Ikhthyokentauroi) Two fish-tailed marine centaurs, named Aphros and Bythos, who carried new-born goddess Aphrodite ashore in a cockle-shell. They had the upper-bodies of men, and the lower-quarters of fish-tailed horses.

IDA A nymph of Mount Ida on the Greek island of Crete. She was one of the nurses of the god Zeus who nursed him with the milk of the goat Amaltheia.

IDAIA A nymph of Mount Ida in the region of Troy, wife of the River Scamander.

IDYIA (Eidyia) The youngest of the Oceanides and wife of Aeetes king of Colchis.

ILISSUS (Ilissos) A river of Athens and its watery spirit.

IMBRASUS (Imbrasos) A river of the Greek island of Samos and its deity.

INACHUS (Inakhos) A river of Argos in southern Greece and its spirit. When Poseidon and Hera were contesting for dominion of Argos, he ruled in favour of Hera, causing Poseidon to dry up his stream.

INO A woman transformed into a sea-goddess after she leapt into the sea to escape her crazed husband. She became a protectress of sailors who rescued men from drowning.

IO A Naiad nymph daughter of the river Inachus in the south of Greece. She was loved by Zeus who transformed her into a cow to hide her from the jealous gaze of his wife Hera. But the goddess was not fooled and sent a maddening gladfly to torment Io which drove her to wander all the way to Egypt, where she gave birth to Epaphus, ancestor of all the Pharaohs.

IOKE The female personification of onslaught, pursuit and rout in battle.

IONIDES Four Naiad nymph daughters of the river Cytherus in the south of Greece whose springs were reputed to possess healing properties.

IRENE (Eirene) The goddess of peace and the season of spring, one of the three Horae (Seasons).


IRIS The golden-winged goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.

ISMENE A Naiad nymph daughter of the River Asopus in the south of Greece and wife of King Argus, the ancient patronym of the Argive region..

ISMENIS A Naiad daughter of the River Ismenos of Boeotia in central Greece loved by the god Faunus.

ISMENUS (Ismenos) A river of Boeotia in the heart of Greece and its deity.

ISTRUS (Istros) A deity of the Scythian river Danube.

ITHAX The messenger of the Titans.

IYNX The goddess-nymph of a magical love-charm known as the iynx. The iynx was a spinning wheel with a wryneck bird attached.

JACCHUS (Iakkhos) The torch-bearing daemon who led the procession of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

JAPETUS (Iapetos) One of the six-Titan brothers imprisoned by Zeus in the pit of Tartarus.

JASION (Iasion) Aspring-time consort of the goddess Demeter.

JASON (Iason) A great Thessalian hero who led the Argonauts in the quest for the Golden Fleece.

JINX (Iynx) The nymph of the magical love-charm known as the iynx.

KERES The monstrous female daemons of violent death which swooped over the battlefield in the thousands, ripping the souls of the dying from their bodies and casting them down into Hades.

For other Greek names beginning with K look under C (eg Circe for Kirke, Cronus for Kronos)

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