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LACHESIS (Lakhesis) One of the three Fates.

LADON (1) A hundred-headed dragon which guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides. It was slain by Heracles.

LADON (2) A river of Arcadia and its god.

LAELAPS (Lailaps) A magical dog that was destined always to catch is prey. It was turned to stone by Zeus when it was set to chase the Teumessian Fox - a beast tha was fated never to be caught.

LAESTRYGONES (Laistrygones) A tribe of man-eating giants encountered by Odysseus on his travels.

LAMIA (1), LIBYAN (Lamia Libys) A terrifying phantom who preyed on children. She had the ability to remove her eyes.


LAMIA (2), CORINTHIAN (Lamia Korinthia) A vampiress who seduced a young Corinthian man in order to drink his blood. Her illusions were exposed by a sage and she was driven away.

LAMIAE (Lamiai) Vampiric monsters who appeared as ghostly, handsome women. They lured young men to their beds to drank their blood and fed on their flesh.

LAMIDES Naiad nymphs of the river Lamos who nursed the infant Dionysus.

LAMOS A river of Cilicia or Mount Helicon in Boeotia and its god. He and his sons and daughters were nurses of the god Dionysus.

LAMPADES The torch-bearing nymphs of Hades. They formed part of the retinue of Hecate in her night-time jaunts.

LAMPETIA A nymph daughter of Helios who cared for her father's sheep-flocks on the island of Thrinacie.

LANGIA The Naiad nymph of a Nemean spring.

LELANTUS (Lelantos) One of the Titanes.

LENAE (Lenai) The Satyr-daemones of the wine-vat. They treaded the grapes of Dionysus with their dance.

LENEUS One of the drunken old Silens in the retinue of Dionysus. He was the demi-god of the treading of grapes in the wine trough.

LEON A lion-headed Gigante slain and stripped of his skin by Heracles in the giant-wars.

LETHE (1) The female personification of forgetfulness.

LETHE (2) The goddess of the underworld river of oblivion.

LETO The Titan goddess of motherhood and womanly demure. She was loved by the god Zeus, and after a pregnancy hounded across the earth by the goddess Hera, she gave birth to twins, Apollo and Artemis.

LEUCE (Leuke) An Oceanid nymph loved by the god Hades. She was carried off to Elysium and transformed into a holy white poplar tree.

LEUCIPPIDES Two maidens loved by the Dioscuri who were granted immortality as the wives of these twins.

LEUCOTHEA (Leukothea) A princess of Thebes who was transformed into a goddess when she leapt into the sea with her infant son. She was a goddess who came to the aide sailors in distress.

LIBETHRIDES (Leibethrides) Naiad nymphs of the sacred Boeotian and Pierian springs of the goddess Muses.

LIBYA (Libye) The Oceanid nymph who gave her name to the continent of Libya (Africa).


LILAEA (Lilaia) A Naiad nymph daughter of the river Cephisus.

LIMNAEE A Naiad nymph of the Indian river Ganges.

LIMNATIDES Naiad-nymphs of lakes.

LIMONIDES (Leimonides) Nymphs of meadows and pastures.

LIMOS The emaciated female personification of hunger.

LIPS The god of the South-West wind.

LIRIOPE A Naiad nymph loved by the river-god Cephisus. She was the mother of the vain youth Narcissus.

LITAE (Litai) The frail and elderly goddesses of prayers followed in the footsteps of Ate, the bringer of ruin.

LOTIS A Naiad nymph who fled the embrace of the god Priapus and was transformed into a lotus flower.

LOXO An Hyperborean nymph attendant of Artemis.

LUPA (Lupe) The female personification of pain.

LYCANTHROPES (Lykanthropoi) Men who could assume the shape of wolves. They are regarded as "proto-werewolves" of later folklore .

LYCUS (Lykos) One of three satyr messengers of the god Dionysus.

LYSSA The female personification of madness and mad rage.

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