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NAIADS (Naiades) Fresh-water nymphs. They were daughters of Oceanus and the River-gods. There were various types: Crinaeae (of fountains), Pegaeae (of springs), Eleionomae (of marshes), Potameides (of rivers), and Limnades (of lakes).

NAIS The Naiad nymph wife of the old god Silenus.

NACOLE (Nakole) The eponymous nymph of the Phrygian town of Nacoleia.

NANA A Naiad nymph daughter of the Phrygian river Sangarius. She was impregnated by an almond which fell from the tree grown from the severed male genitals of the goddess Agdistis.

NAPAEAE (Napaiai) Dryad-Nymphs of vales and dells.

NEADES Gigantic monsters which roamed the island of Samos. They could split apart the earth with their roar.

NEAERA (1) (Neaira) A nymph loved by the sun-god Helius. She bore him the nymphs Lampetia and Phaethusa.

NEAERA (2) (Neaira) The Naiad nymph wife of the Thracian river-god Strymon.


NEAERA (3) (Neaira) A Nymph of Lydian Mount Sipylus. She was seduced by a local prince.

NEDA One of the elder Oceanides and the goddess of the Arcadian river Neda. She was one of the Arcadian wet-nurses of the infant Zeus.

NEICEA (Neikea) The female personifications of grievance and quarrel.

NEMEA The Naiad nymph of the town of Nemea. She was a daughter of either Zeus and Selene or the river Asopus.

NEMEAN LION (Leon Nemeios) A magical lion which was invulnerable to the weapons of man. It was slain by Heracles who strangled it to death and made a cloak of its skin.

NEMESIS The goddess of indignation and retribution for hybristic behaviour and undeserved good fortune. After being seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan, she lay the egg from which Helen was hatched.

NEPHELAE (Nephelai) Nymphs of the clouds.

NEPHELE (1) A cloud nymph which Zeus formed into the likeness of his wife Hera. When the hero Ixion raped her, he was condemned to eternal torture. The Nymphe spawned the tribe of centaurs from the unwanted union.

NEPHELE (2) The cloud nymph wife of the hero Athamas. When her children Phrixus and Helle were about to be sacrificed to the gods she sent the flying golden-fleeced ram to rescue them from the altar.

NEPHELE (3) One of the attendant nymphs of Artemis.

NEREIDS (Nereides) The fifty sea-goddess daughters of Nereus. They personified different aspects of the sea.

NERITES A young sea-god loved by either Aphrodite or the god Poseidon. He was transformed into a cockle-shell as the punishment for some offence.

NEREUS An ancient fish-tailed sea-god known as the Old Man of the Sea. He was the father of the fifty Nereides.

NESOI The Nesoi were goddesses of islands. Each island was said to have its own personification.

NESSUS (Nessos) A centaur ferryman who tried to rape the wife of Heracles, Deianeira, as he was carrying her across his river. Heracles heard her screams and shot him dead with poisoned arrows. The dying centaur tricked the girl into taking a sample of his poisoned blood to use as an aphrodisiac should her husband ever prove unfaithful.

NICAEA (Nikaia) A Naiad nymph daughter of the river Sangarius and virgin follower of the goddess Artemis. When she shot dead the man who loved her, Eros was enraged and drove Dionysos to rob her of her virginity.


NIKE The goddess of victory who sided with Zeus in the Titan-War and became his constant companion.

NILE (Neilos) The river of Egypt and its god.

NOMIA A Dryad nymph of the Nomia Mountains of Arcadia.

NOMUS (Nomos) The male personification of law. His wife was Eusebia, morality.

NONACRIS (Nonakris) A Naiad nymph of the town of Nonacris. She was the wife of the impious Arcadian king Lycaon.

NOSI (Nosoi) The spirits of pestilence and disease which were released from Pandora's jar.

NOTUS (Notos) The god of the South Wind.

NYMPHE The fifth of the twelve Horai (Hours), she was the goddess of the morning hour of bath.

NYMPHS (Nymphai) The beautiful female nature spirits. There were various types: Naiades (fresh-water nymphs), Oreads or Dryads (tree nymphs - pine and oak), Meliae (ash-tree nymphs), Oceanides (cloud nymphs bringers of rain from the river Oceanus), Haliae (sea-nymphs), and the Lampiades (underworld nymphs).

NYMPHS OF ARTEMIS The sixty youngest daughters of Oceanus, these Oceanides became the constant virgin companions of the goddess Artemis.

NYMPHS OF THEMIS Three nymph daughters of Zeus and Themis who were guardians of the artifacts of the gods . The hero Perseus received his winged sandals, death sword and helm of invisibility from them.

NYSIADES Nymphs of the mythical Mount Nysa. They were the nurses of the god Dionysus who became the first of his Bacchantes.

NYSUS (Nysos) The old Silen god of Mount Cithaeron (or Nysa). He was the mentor of Dionysus. When he refused to relinquish the mountain to the god upon his return from his travels, the god and his soldiers dressed up as women, snuck onto the mountain and captured him.

NYX The Protogenos (Primeval goddess) of night. She was the mother of Light and Day by the god Darkness. Alone she spawned a host of spirits.

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