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OCEANIDES (Okeanides) The three thousand fresh-water nymph daughters of the earth-encirling river Oceanus. They were nymphs of standing water (Naiads), clouds (Nephelai), cool breezes (Aurai), meadows (Leimonides) and groves (Alseides). The eldest of them were lower ranked Titan goddesses.

OCEANUS (Okeanos) The Titan god of the earth-encircling fresh-water river Oceanus. He remained neutral in the Titan war. He fostered the three daughters of Cronus after they were disgorged by their father.

OCYPETE (Okypete) One of the three Harpies.

OCYRHOE (1) (Okyrhoe) A Naiad nymph of the island of Samos who was pursued by the god Apollon. When she attempted to flee the island by ship he turned the vessel to stone and transformed the pilot into a porpoise.

OCYRHOE (2) (Okyrhoe) A Naiad nymph of the Phrygian river Sangarius.


OCYRHOE (3) (Okyrhoe) An Oceanid nymph of Colchis loved by the sun-god Helius.

OCYRHOE (4) (Okyrhoe) A Teuthranian Naiad nymph loved by the god Hermes.

OCYRHOE (5) (Okyrhoe) A nymph daughter of the centaur Chiron who was transformed into a mare by the gods as punishment for misusing her prophetic gift.

OEDIPUS (Oidipous) The tragic Theban hero who destroyed the Sphinx.

OENOE (Oinoe) A nymph of the island of Sicinus loved by King Thoas.

OENONE (Oinone) A Naiad nymph daughter of the river Cebren of Troy. She was the first wife of Prince Paris who refused to heal him when he later returned to her seeking a cure for his mortal arrow-wound. She refused, and when he died she hung herself in remorse.

OENUS (Oinos) The male personification of wine.

OEOLYCA (Oiolyka) A sea nymph daughter of the storm giant Briareus. Some say the girdle of the Amazon Hippolyte first belonged to her.

OIZYS The female personification of pain.

OLETHRUS (Olethros) The personification of doom and destruction.

OLYMPUS (1) (Olympos) A Cretan god or giant. He was a mentor of Zeus, who later turned on the god by insiting the Gigantes against him.

OLYMPUS (2) (Olympos) The god of the Phrygian mount Olympus.

OMODAMON The Daemon 'Crudebake' who plagued the craftsman potter.

ONEIROI The dreams spirits. They issued forth at night in their thousands from the underworld like bats from a cave.

OPHIES PTERETOI A race of feathery-winged serpents which guarded the myrrh fields of Arabia.

OPHION A King of the Titanes. Cronus wrestled him for the throne of heaven and cast him defeated into the river Ocean.

OPHIOTAURUS (Ophiotauros) A black-skinned monster with the foreparts of a bull and the rearparts of a serpent. It was slain by the Sea-Titan Aegaeon during the Titan-War.

OPORA The goddess or female personification of the ripe fruit of late summer.


OREADS (Oreiades) Hamadryad nymphs of the mountains. At their birth a pine tree sprung up on the peaks.

ORION A handsome earth-born giant who could walk on water. A great huntsman he was a close companion of Artemis and Leto. However, when he threatened to slay all the earth's beasts, Gaea despatched a scorpion to destroy him.

ORITHYIA (1) (Oreithyia) The nymph wife of the North Wind Boreas. She was abducted by the god from her home in Athens.

ORITHYIA (2) (Oreithyia) A nymph of Mount Lebanon in Phoenicia. She was the mother of the accursed girl Smyrna.

ORIUS (1) (Oreios) A man-eating, half-bear Thracian giant. He and his twin brother were transformed into birds by Hermes as punishment for their cruel barbarity.

ORIUS (2) (Oreios) The mountain god of Mount Othrys in Malis.

ORNEA The Naiad nymph of the Argive town of Orneae.

ORNITHES AREIOS A flock of arrow-shooting birds sacred to the god Ares which guarded his shrine amongst the Amazones.

ORPHNE An underworld Nymphe. She was the wife of the river-god Acheron.

ORSEIS The nymph wife of Hellen, the ancestral King of all the Hellenes (Greeks).

ORTHANNES A phallic god of garden fertility.

ORTHOSIA One of the Horae and the goddess of agricultural prosperity.

ORTYGIA The nymph of the sacred Ortygian grove in Lycia. She was a nurse of the god Apollo.

OSSA The female personification of rumour.

OTHREIS An Oread nymph of Mt Othrys in Malia. She was loved by two gods, Zeus and Apollo.


ORTHRUS (Orthros) The two-headed guard dog of the giant Geryon. It was slain by Heracles.

OTUS (Otos) A gigantic son of Poseidon. He and his brother Ephialtes tried to storm heaven by piling mountains one upon the other. They were slain by Apollon and Artemis.

OUPIS A Hyperborean nymph in the retinue of the goddess Artemis.

OURANIA The Muse of astronomy.

OURANUS (Ouranos) The Protogenos (primeval god) of the dome of the sky. He was the first king of the cosmos who was castrated and deposed by his son Cronus.

OUREA The mountain gods. Each mountain had its own god.

OXYLUS (Oxylus) A rustic mountain god of thick forest. He was the father of the Hamadryad Nymphs.

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