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RHADAMANTHYS One of the three judges of the dead in the underworld and the Lord of the Islands of the Blessed.

RHEA (Rheia) The Titan goddess of female fertility and mountain wilderness. Her husband Cronus swallowed each of her children as soon as they were born, but she managed to hide the youngest, Zeus, in a cave on the island Crete.

RHANIS One of the attendant nymphs of the goddes Artemis.

RHENE A nymph of the island of Samothrace loved by the god Hermes.

RHETIA The nymph mother of the Samothracian Corybantes by Apollo.

RHODE The sea nymph goddess of the island of Rhodes, and the wife of the sun-god Helius.

RHODOPE A Naiad nymph daughter of the Thracian river-god Strymon. When she and her husband Haemus impersonated Zeus and Hera, the angry gods transformed them into mountains.

SABACTES (Sabaktes) The Daemon 'Crash' who plagued the craftsman potter.

SAGARITIS A Hamadryas nymph loved by Attis, the young consort of Cybele. She was destroyed by the goddess when she learned of their affair.

SALAMIS A Naiad nymph daughter of the river Asopus who was abducted to the island of the same name by the god Poseidon.

SALMACIS (Salmakis) The Naiad nymph of a spring near the town of Halicarnassus who fell in love with the boy Hermaphroditus. Following a misinterpreted prayer to the gods, their two bodies were merged into one.


SAMIA A Naiad nymph of the island of Samos, and the wife its first king Ancaeus.

SANGARIUS (Saggarios) A river of Phrygia and its god.

SATYR OF ARGOS (Satyros Argios) A Satyr who attempted to rape the maiden Amymone but was caught in the act and chased away by the god Poseidon.

SATYRS (Satyroi) Mountain spirits of wilderness fertility. They appeared as animalistic men with the ears and tail of an ass, and erect phaluses.

SCAMANDER (Skamandros) A river of Troy and its god. When he attempted to drown the hero Achilles in the Trojan War, Hephaestus scorched his streams with fire.

SCIAPODS (Skiapodes) A tribe of African men. Each had a gigantic foot which they raised above their head to shade themselves from the burning Saharan sun.

SCIRON (Skiron) The god of the North-West Wind.

SCORPIOS (Skorpios) A giant scorpion which Gaea sent up from the earth to slay the giant hunter Orion, when he threatened to slay all the beasts of the earth.


SCYLLA (Skylla) A monstrous sea-goddess whose body was ringed by carnivorous heads. She dwelt in a cliffside cave opposite the whirlpool daemon Charybdis.

SCYRTUS (Skyrtos) A satyr attendant of the god Dionysos, who supported the god in his drunken stupors.

SELENE The goddess of the moon who rode through the sky at night in a chariot drawn by winged horses, or seated side-saddle on an ass. She fell in love with the young shepherd Endymion who was granted mmortality in a state of eternal sleep.

SEMELE The mother of the god Dionysus who was consumed by the lightnings of Zeus. Her son later fetched her up from the underworld and introduced her to Olympus as the goddess Thyone.

SILENI (Seilenoi) Elderly drunken Satyrs in the train of Dionysos.

SILENOS (Seilenos) The god of drunkenness, he was the mentor and companion of the god Dionysus.

SIMOEIS A river of Troy and its god.

SINOE An Arcadian nymph who nursed the god Pan.

SINOPE A Naiad nymph daughter of the river Asopus who was abducted tot he town of Sinope on the Black Sea by Apollo. She made him swear to respect her virginity.

SIRENS (Seirenes) Three sea-daemones with the heads of women and the bodies of bird. They dwelt on the island of Anthemoessa and lured sailers to their death with their irresistable song. The only man to hear their song and live was Odysseus who had himself bound to the ship's mast, in frustration the Sirens leapt into the sea and drowned.


SIRIUS (Sirios) The god of the Dog Star, who scorched the earth with the heat of mid-summer.

SITHNIDES The Naiad nymphs of the certain springs near Megara.

SMARAGOS The Daemon 'Smash' who plagued the craftsman potter.

SOCUS (Sokos) A rustic god of the island of Euboea.

SOPHROSYNE The female personification of moderation and discretion.

SOSE A prophetic Oreiad nymph loved by the god Hermes.

SOSIPOLIS A starry child-god, worshipped in Elis.

SOTER The male personification of safety and delivery from harm.

SOTERIA The goddess personification of safety, recovery and salvation.

SPARTA (Sparte) The Naiad nymph wife of Lacedaemon, the first King of Sparta.

SPARTI (Spartoi) A race of earth-born warriors, which sprang fully grown with armour and weapons from the sown teeth of the Dragon of Ares.

SPERCHEIDES (Sperkheides) The Naiad nymph daughters of the river Spercheus.

SPERCHEUS (Sperkheios) A river of Malis and its god.

SPHINX A monster with the head of a woman, the body of a lioness and the wings of an eagle. She killed herself after Oedipus guessed the answer her riddle.


SPHRAGITIDES The Oread nymphs of a rustic oracle on Mt Cithaeron.

SPONDE The seventh of the twelve Horai (Hours), she was the goddess of the hour of libations poured (after lunch).

STEROPE One of the starry Pleiad nymphs. She was loved by the god Ares.

STEROPES One of the three ancient, metal-working Cyclops.

STHENO One of the two immortal Gorgons.

STILBE A Naiad nymph daughter of the Thessalian river Peneius loved by the god Apollo.

STILBON The god of the star Mercury.

STROPHIA The Naiad nymph of a spring on Mount Cithaeron.

STRYMO A Naiad nymph daughter of the Trojan river Scamander.

STRYMON A river of Thrace and its god.

STYMPHALIAN BIRDS A breed of man-eating birds which haunted Lake Stymphalus in Arcadia. One of Heracles labours was to drive them from the lake.

STYX The goddess of the underworld river Styx, eldest of the Oceanides. She brought her children to side with Zeus in the Titan-War, and as reward he made her waters the inviolate oath of the gods.

SUNTRIBUS (Suntribos) The Daemon 'Shatter' who plagued the craftsman potter.

SYBARIS A monstrous Lamia or Dracaena who preyed upon the men of Phocis.

SYCE (Syke) The Hamadryad nymph of the fig tree.

SYCEUS (Sykeus) A Giant or Titan pursued by Zeus in the war against the gods. His mother Gaia hid him beneath the earth as the seed of the first fig-tree.

SYLLIS A nymph of Sicyon loved by the god Apollo.

SYMAETHIS (Symaithis) A Sicilian river-nymph loved by the god Pan.

SYMAETHUS (Symaithos) A Sicilian river and its god.

SYRINX A Naiad nymph chased by the god Pan. She fled his embrace and was transformed by her sisters into river reeds. The god crafted his famous pan-pipes from her plant.

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