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Hesperides | Attic red figure vase painting
Museum Collection British Museum, London
Catalogue No. London E224
Beazley Archive No. 220497
Ware Attic Red Figure
Shape Hydria
Painter Attributed to the Meidias Painter
Date ca 420 - 410 B.C.
Period Classical


Side A: Detail of the Hesperides from a painting depicting the arrival of the Argonauts in the garden of the nymphs during their return voyage from Colchis. The maidens, from left to right, are named Asterope, Chrysothemis and Lipara on the vase. The tree of the golden apples stands between them, wrapped in the serpentine coils of its guardian dragon Ladon. The magical tree bears two golden apples, one of which the Hesperid Chrysothemis is about to pluck. The third apple is held by Lipara who gazes over her shoulder at the seated figure of Heracles (partially shown).
Side B: The rape of the Leucippides (see other image).


Hesperides, Hesperian Dragon


Thumbnail Hygeia

K24.1 Hygeia

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O6.3 Leucippides