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Images of Heroes in Greek vase painting C6th - 4th B.C.
Gallery H1 Perseus, Heracles, et al. See Galleries M & P for heroes battling monsters.

H1.1 Perseus
with spears
H1.2 Danae,
infant Perseus
H1.3 Acrisius,
Danae, Perseus
H1.4 Acrisius,
Danae, Perseus
H1.5 Andromeda,
Perseus, Cepheus
H1.6 Andromeda,
H2.4 Heracles,
Athena, Zeus
H2.5 Heracles,
H2.6 Heracles,
Hermes, Nike
H2.7 Heracles,
Hermes, Athena
H28.1 Dioscuri
battling Giant
H28.1B Dioscuri
battling Giant
H28.2 Dioscuri
w/ horse
H29.1 Helen
birth from egg
T42.1 Cecrops
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