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The gods in ancient Greco-Roman free-standing sculpture.

S10.1A Aphrodite
(Venus Genetrix)
S10.1B Aphrodite
(Venus Genetrix)
S10.2 Aphrodite
(Venus de Milo)
S10.3 Aphrodite
(Type Cnidus)
S10.4 Aphrodite
Eros, Pan
S10.5 Aphrodite
(Venus D'Arles)
S10.6 Aphrodite
(Type Capitoline)
S10.7 Aphrodite
(Type Genetrix)
S10.8 Aphrodite
(Venus Felix)
S10.9 Aphrodite
(Type Capitoline)
S10.10 Aphrodite
(Venus Tauride)
S10.11 Aphrodite
(Venus accroupie)
S10.12 Aphrodite
(Venus accroupie)
S10.13 Aphrodite
(Venus Mazarin)
S10.14 Aphrodite
(Venus accroupie)
S10.15 Aphrodite
(Venus Callipygian)
S10.16 Aphrodite
(Aphrodite Rhodes)
S10.17 Aphrodite
(Venus accroupie)
S10.18 Aphrodite
(Venus Capitoline)
S10.19 Aphrodite
(Venus of Capua)
S10.20 Aphrodite
(Venus Medici)
S11.1 Hermes
(Hermes of Olympia)
S11.2 Hermes
(Hermes Richelieu)
S11.3 Hermes
(Hermes sandale)
S11.4 Hermes
(Hermes Belvedere)
S11.5 Hermes
(Hermes Loghion)
S11.6 Hermes
(Youth Antikythera)
S11.7 Hermes
S11.8 Hermes
(Hermes Farnese)
S11.9 Hermes
(Hermes seated)
S11.10 Hermes
(Hermes Trezeme)
S11.11 Hermes
(Hermes Atalanta)
S11.12 Hermes
(Hermes Ingenui)
S11.13 Hermes
S12.1 Dionysus
S12.2 Dionysus
S12.3 Dionysus
S12.4 Dionysus
(Antinous Dionysus)
S12.5 Dionysus
S12.6 Dionysus
S12.7 Dionysus
(Typ. Sardanapallus)
S12.8 Dionysus
(Typ. Sardanapallus)
S13.1 Hestia
(Vesta Giustiniani)
S13.2 Hestia
S13.3 Hestia
S14.1 Persephone
S16.1 Rhea-Cybele
S16.2 Rhea-Cybele
S17.1 Irene
& infant Plutus
S18.1 Tyche
& infant Plutus
S18.2 Tyche
(Tyche of Antioch)
S18.3 Tyche
S20.1 Muse
S20.2 Muse
S20.3A Muse
S20.3B Muse
S20.3C Muse
S20.3D Muse
S20.3E Muse
S21.1 Charites
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