Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Ιωκη Iôkê Ioce Onslaught, Battle-
Tumult, Rout (iôkê)

IOKE was the female personification of onslaught, battle-tumult, pursuit and rout. She was one of the daimones (spirits) of the aigis, the tasselled arm-guard of Zeus. The others were Alke (Battle Strength), Eris (Strife) and Phobos (Terror).

She was perhaps the same as Proioxis and likely numbered amongst the Makhai or Battle Spirits.


Perhaps a daughter of ERIS, though nowhere stated

Homer, Iliad 5. 738 ff (trans. Lattimore) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) :
"Across her [Athena's] shoulders she threw the betasselled, terrible aigis (aegis), all about which Phobos (Terror) hangs like a garland, and Eris (Hatred) is there, and Alke (Battle Strength), and heart-freezing Ioke (Onslaught) and thereon is set the head of the grim gigantic Gorgo (Gorgon), a thing of fear and horror, portent of Zeus of the aigis."
[N.B. The daimones (spirits) imbued the aigis with its power.]


  • Homer, The Iliad - Greek Epic C8th B.C.