Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Πειθαρχια Peitharkhia Peitharchia Obedience to

PEITHARKHIA was the spirit (daimona) of obedience to command.

Nowhere stated

EUPRAXIA (by Soter) (Aeschylus Seven 223)

Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes 223 ff (trans. Weir Smyth) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) :
"When you invoke the gods, do not be ill-advised. For Peitharkhia (Obedience) is the mother of Eupraxia (Success), wife of Soter (Salvation)--as the saying goes.
So she is, but the power of god [Zeus] is supreme, and often in bad times it raises the helpless man out of harsh misery even when stormclouds are lowering over his eyes."


  • Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes - Greek Tragedy C5th B.C.