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Purification of Orestes | Paestan red figure vase painting
Museum Collection British Museum, London
Catalogue No. London 1917.12-10.1
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Paestan Red Figure
Shape Krater, Bell
Painter Attributed to Python
Date ca 350 - 340 B.C.
Period Late Classical


Orestes is purified by Apollo at the shrine of Delphi. The hero crouches in supplication at the holy omphalos stone below the sacred tripod. Apollo stands beside him conversing with an avenging Erinys (Fury). The god is crowned with a wreath of laurel and holds a laurel-branch in his hand. The winged vengeance-demon is dressed as a huntress with a knee-length skirt and boots. On the opposite side stands the hero's patron-goddess Athena. She wears a crested helm and Gorgon-headed aegis cloak. The ghost of Clytemnestra observes the scene in the upper left-hand corner. Before her, just above the tripod, is a second Erinys wreathed in vipers.


Erinyes, Athena, Apollo