Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Αζειος Azeios Azeus Of the Drought ?
(azeinoi, azesios)
AZEIOS (of Azeus) was an Arkadian giant who fought in the War of the Titanes. He was an ancestor of the kings of Arkadia through his son Lykon.

It is unclear which side he supported in the war. Several Arkadian giants such as Hoplodamos, the defender of Rhea, and Anytos, protector of the goddess Despoine, were allies of the gods. His name was probably associated with azesios, the Greek word for "drought," or Azania, a region of Arkadia. The local Zeus, surnamed Lykaios, was conversely the god of rain.

GAIA (Greek Papyri III No. 140b)

LYKON (by a Nymphe) (Greek Papyri III No. 140b)

Anonymous (perhaps Pamprepius of Panopolis), Fragments (trans. Page, Vol. Select Papyri III, No. 140b) (Greek poetry C4th A.D.) :
"I will lift the veil from your remotest ancestry: Khthon [Gaia, the Earth] teemed of old and bore a son Azeios (Azeus), who grew to manhood amid the mighty battles of the Titanes. Gigas (the Giant) Azeios encountered a Nymphe with lover's intent, and begot Lykon (Lycon); and hero Lykon begot a fair maiden Deianeira. Now Pelasgos of old went up the fair couch of Deianeira when she was growing to womanhood; he was the dear son of Zeus Eleutherios (God of Freedom); and from her bed he got Lykaon, shepherd of the land of Arkadia."


  • Greek Papyri III Anonymous, Fragments - Greek Poetry C4th A.D.