Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Μυλινος Mylinos Mylinus Millstone (mylinos)
MYLINOS (or Mylinus) was a little-known Kretan (Cretan) giant slain by Zeus.

He appears to be similar if not the same as the Kretan giant Olympos. Both of these appear to be related to Kronos (Father Time), the father of Zeus. Mylinos is named for the mylinos or millstone. The imagery of the millstone might suggest the slow grinding turn of time which wears down all things, similar to the all-devouring Titan Kronos (Heavy Strain of Time) of popular myth.

Presumably GAIA (Diodorus Siculus 5.71.2)

Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 5. 71. 2 (trans. Oldfather) (Greek historian C1st B.C.) :
"He [Zeus] slew the Gigantes (Giants) and their followers, Mylinos in Krete (Crete) and Typhon in Phrygia."


  • Diodorus Siculus, The Library of History - Greek History C1st B.C.