Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Νυμφαι Θεσσαλιδες Nymphai Thessalides Nymphae Thessalides Nymphs of the
Land of Thessaly

THE THESSALIDES were Naiad NYMPHAI of the River Peneios (Peneus) in Thessalia (Thessaly), northern Greece.

PENEIOS (Callimachus Hymn to Delos 104)

Callimachus, Hymn 4 to Delos 104 ff (trans. Mair) (Greek poet C3rd B.C.) :
"[Leto, pregnant with Apollon and Artemis, was forced by the angry goddess Hera to wander the earth in search of refuge:] She [Leto] turned her feet back to Thessalia (Thessaly). And Anauros fled and great Larisa and the cliffs of Kheiron (Chiron); fled, too, Peneios (the River Peneus), coiling through Tempe.
But thy heart, Hera, was even then still pitiless and thou wert not broken down nor didst have compassion, when she [Leto] stretched forth both her arms and spake in vain: ‘Ye Nymphai Thessalides, offspring of a river [Peneios], tell your sire to hush his great stream. Entwine your hands about his beard and entreat him that the children of Zeus be born in his waters.’"

Ovid, Metamorphoses 1. 574 ff (trans. Melville) (Roman epic C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) :
"There is a vale in Haemonia [Thessalia], enclosed with hanging forests, steep on every side; men name it Tempe . . . Here is the home, the mansion, the retreat of that majestic Amnis (River) [Peneios]; seated here within a rock-hewn cavern he dispensed justice to all his waters and their Nymphae."


  • Callimachus, Hymns - Greek C3rd BC
  • Ovid, Metamorphoses - Latin Epic C1st BC - C1st AD