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Μητις Mêtis Metis Good Counsel

METIS was a Naiad Nymph of the river Meles near Smyrna in Lydia (western Anatolia). She was the mythical mother of the poet Homer by Maion (Maeon).

MELES (Hellanicus Frag, Cleanthes Frag, Of the Origin of Homer & Hesiod & of their Contest 1)
HOMEROS (by Maion) (Hellanicus Frag, Cleanthes Frag, Of the Origin of Homer & Hesiod & of their Contest 1)

Homerica, Of the Origina of Homer and Hesiod and their Contest, Fragment 1 (trans. Evelyn-White) (Greek epic B.C.) :
"Foremost of the men of Smyrna who say that he [Homer] was the son of [the river] Meles, the river of their town, by a Nymphe Kretheis (Cretheis), and that he was at first called Melesigenes.
As to his parents also, there is on all hands great disagreement. Hellanikos and Kleanthes say his father was Maion, but Eugaion says Meles; Kallikles is for Mnesagoras, Demokritos of Troizenos for Daimon, a merchant-trader. Some, again, say he was the son of Thamyras, but the Egyptians say of Menemakhos, a priest-scribe, and there are even those who father him on Telemakhos (Telemachus), the son of Odysseus. As for his mother, she is variously called Metis, Kretheis, Themista, and Eugnetho. Others say she was an Ithakan woman sold as a slave by the Phoinikians; other, Kalliope the Mousa (Muse); others again Polykasta, the daughter of Nestor . . . Maion (Maeon) who was the father of Homer by the daughter of the river Meles."


  • Homerica, Contest of Homer & Hesiod - Greek Epic BC