Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Νανα Nana Nana (non-Greek)

NANA was a Naiad Nymph of the river Saggarios (Sangarius) in Phrygia (central Anatolia). She was accidentally impregnated by an almond which fell into her lap from a tree grown from the castrated genitals of the god Agdistis. Nana was probably a native Phrygian goddess.

SAGGARIOS (Pausanias 7.17.8)
ATTIS (Nana impregnated by an almond from the tree sprung from the severed genitals of Agdistis) (Pausanias 7.17.8)

Pausanias, Description of Greece 7. 17. 8 (trans. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) :
"The gods, fearing Agdistis, cut off the male organ. There grew up from it an almond-tree with its fruit ripe, and a daughter of the river Saggarios (Sangarius0, they say, took the fruit and laid it in her bosom, when it at once disappeared, but she was with child. A boy [Attis] was born, and exposed, but was tended by a he-goat."


  • Pausanias, Guide to Greece - Greek Geography C2nd AD