Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Νεαιρα Neaira Neaera New Rising
(neos, aeirô, airô)

NEAIRA (or Neaera) was a nymph of the island of mythical island Thrinakia who was loved by the sun-god Helios. She bore him two shining daughters, the rustic nymphs Lampetia and Phaethousa.

Thrinakia may be the same as Trinakria, an old Greek name for the island of Sicily. Her name "newly-risen" is descriptive of the dawn sun, and she was probably the goddess of the sun's risings, just as her daughters might have represented the days of the year.

Perhaps a daughter of OKEANOS & TETHYS, though nowhere stated
LAMPETIA, PHAETHOUSA (by Helios) (Homer Odyssey 12.128)


NEAERA (Neaira). A nymph, who became by Helios the mother of Lampetia and Phaetusa. (Hom. Od. xii. 133.)

Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.

Homer, Odyssey 12. 138 ff (trans. Shewring) (Greek epic C8th B.C.) :
"Lovely-haired Nymphai named Phaethousa and Lampetie, whose father is the sun-god Hyperion [i.e. Helios] and whose mother is bright Neaira; having borne and bred them, she took them away to remote Thrinakia (Thrinacia) to live there and tend their father's sheep and the herds with curling horns."


  • Homer, The Odyssey - Greek Epic C8th B.C.