Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Ελισσων Elissôn Elisson River Elisson
ELISSON was a River-God of Akhaia in the Peloponnesos, southern Greece.

The River Elisson had its headwaters on Mounts Khelydorea and Kyllene in Arkadia, flowing north through Akhaia, to empty its waters in the Korinthian Gulf. The most important neighbouring rivers were the Asopos to the east and Selemnos in the west.


Statius, Thebaid 4. 52 ff (trans. Mozley) (Roman epic C1st A.D.) :
"Elisson [a river of eastern Akhaia] winding through his curving banks. An awful privilege has that river : it cleanses, so ‘tis said, with its austere waters the Stygian Eumenides [Erinyes]; here are they wont to dip their faces and the horned snakes that gasp from drinking Phlegethon, whether they have ruined Thracian homes or Mycenae’s impious palace or Cadmus’ dwelling; the River itself flees from them as they bathe, and its pools grow livid with countless poisons."


  • Statius, Thebaid - Latin Epic C1st A.D.