Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Κλαδεος Kladeos Cladeus River Cladeus
KLADEOS (or Cladeus) was a River-God of Elis in the Peloponnesos, southern Greece.

The Kladeos stream was a small tributory of the Alpheios river. It merged with that river by the sanctuary of Olympia.


Pausanias, Description of Greece 5. 10. 6 (trans. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) :
"[Amongst the sculptural figures on the pediment of the temple of Zeus at Olympia :] At the very edge lies Kladeos, the river which, in other ways also, the Eleans honour most after Alpheios . . . Then the pediment narrows again, and in this part of it is represented Alpheios."

Pausanias, Description of Greece 5. 15. 6 :
"There are behind the Heraion [at Olympia] altars of the river Kladeos and of Artemis."


  • Pausanias, Description of Greece - Greek Travelogue C2nd A.D.