Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Θηρες Ινδικοι Thêres Indikoi Theres Indici Indian Beasts

THE THERES INDIKOI (Indian Beasts) were the beasts of India, ranging from the normal lions, elephants and camels to fantastical creatures such as dragon-serpents, pegasi, catoblopones, and leucrottae.


ELEPHANTOI The Indian Elephant was known to the ancients.

HIPPOPOTAMOI The Hippopotami of the Indos river were reported by ancient travellers.

KROKODILOI The Crocodiles of the Indos river were known to the ancients from traveller's accounts.

LEONTES Lions were native to Ancient Greece itself, as well as Asia Minor, the Middle East and India.

PARDALES Leopards were native to Ancient Greece itself, Asia Minor, the Middle East and India.

TIGRES The Greeks knew of tigers inhabiting Armenia, Persia and India.


DRAKONES INDIKOI Gigantic dragon-serpents which preyed upon the Indian elephant.

GRYPES Griffins, fabulous beasts with the fore-parts of an eagle and the body of a lion.

INDOS "WORMS" Gigantic worms which inhabited the Indos River.

KETEA INDIKOI Amphibious sea-monsters with the foreparts of land mammals such as lions, rams and wolves and the bodies of serpentine fish. Their numbers also included a mermaid like monster with the upper body of a spiny-haired woman.

MARTIKHORAI Fabulous lionine animals with the face of a man and a spiky tail with which it fired deadly missiles.

MONOKERATA HIPPOI Indian Unicorns, fabulous horned horses which were prized for their magical, single horn.

MYRMEKES INDIKOI Giant ants which inhabited the deserts of India guarding areas rich in gold.

PHOINIX A magical bird which migrated from India to Egypt to die and be reborn in flame.


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