Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Δρακων Μαιονιος Drakôn Maionios Draco Maeonius Dragon of Maeonia

THE DRAKON MAIONIOS was a large serpentine Dragon which ravaged the Anatolian kingdom of Lydia (Maionia). It was slain by Herakles while he was in the service of Queen Omphale.

The story was probably derived from the local Lydian tale of Damasen and the Drakon.

Probably GAIA, though nowhere stated

Pseudo-Hyginus, Astronomica 2. 14 (trans. Grant) (Roman mythographer C2nd A.D.) :
"Others point out that he [the constellation Opiuchus] is Hercules, killing in Lydia near the river Sagaris a Dracon Serpent which kept destroying many men and stripping the river banks of grain. In return for this deed, Omphale, the queen of that region, sent him back to Argos loaded with gifts, and because of his bravery he was placed by Jove [Zeus] among the constellations."


  • Hyginus, Astronomica - Latin Mythography C2nd A.D.