Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Ἑρση Hersê Hersa Dew (hersê)
Ερσα Ersa Ersa (Doric spelling)

HERSE or ERSA was the goddess of the plant-nourishing dew. She was a daughter of the sky-god Zeus and moon-goddess Selene. Herse may be the same as Pandeia, a daughter of the same gods described in the Homeric Hymns. Another Herse, described as a daughter of Kekrops, was worshipped by the Athenians.

ZEUS & SELENE (Alcman Frag 57)

Alcman, Fragment 57 (trans. Campbell, Vol. Greek Lyric II) (Greek lyric C7th B.C.) :
"Such things as are nurtured by Ersa (Dew), daughter of Zeus [the sky-god] and Selene (Moon).”


  • Greek Lyric II Alcman, Fragments - Greek Lyric C7th B.C.