Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Ιqαξ Ιqας Ithax, Ithas Ithax, Ithas --

ITHAX or ITHAS was the messenger of the Titan gods. He played a part in the old Titanomachia epic attributed to Eumelos, but is otherwise unknown.

Hesychius suggests he is Prometheus. However this may simply be based on an erroneous etymology which links ithas with the -etheus portion of the Titan's name. Another writer, Ptolemy Hephaestion, names a goddess Arke as the messenger of the Titanes. It is quite possible that her name was derived from an epithet belonging to Ithax, since arkê (the swift) is an appropriate Homeric epithet for a messenger.

Nowhere stated

Eumelus, Fragment 5 (from Hesychius Lexicon i387) (trans. West, Vol. Greek Epic Fragments) (C7th B.C.) :
"Ithas : The Titanes' herald, Prometheus. Some write Ithax."


  • Greek Epic Eumelus, Fragments - Greek Epic C7th B.C.