Chart Homer's Iliad and Odyssey: Greek Names (Transilterated Greek)
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Homer's genealogies are incidental with family relationships being mentioned only in passing.
Where a name but no family is given, the individual is placed on the chart in the position indicated by Hesiod's Theogony.
So, for example, Homer names both Atlas and Iapetos but does not give their genealogies. As Hesiod describes one as the son of the other they are arranged as such on this chart but without any lines connecting them.





Some of the text of the Iliad and Odyssey may be later interpolations, e.g. Hebe as the wife of Herakles on Olympos.

thelktêsia (beguilements, charms, spells; philotes (loveliness, friendship, love, affection, sexual love, intercourse), himeros (passion of sex, longing, yearning), oaristos (whispered endearment, fond discourse) 14.215

Hebe, Odyssey wife of Herakles

Ate " πρέσβα Διὸς θυγάτηρ Ἄτη"

(epainê Persephoneia)

Zephyros, Xanthos add Iliad 19.415

Zeus erigdoupos, loud-sounding, thunderous

Hephaistos epedanos, weakly, halting ἠπεδα^νός

Helios phaesimbrotos, bringing light ot mortals, shining on them Odyssey 10.138, 191

Atlas holophronos, crafty, sagacious, (magician)

dia Neaira

Titanes called ἔνερθε θεοὶ "[Hypnos asks Hera to swear an oath witnessed by the Titanes below:] With one hand take hold of the prospering earth, with the other take hold of the shining salt sea, so that all the undergods who gather about Kronos may be witnesses to us. Swear that . . .
He spoke, nor failed to persuade the goddess Hera of the white arms, and she swore as he commanded, and called b their names on all those gods who live beneath the Pit, and who are called Titenes. Then when she had sworn this, and made her oath a complete thing, the two went away." Iliad 14.272 ὑποταρτάριος beneath Tartaros, under Tartaros (term also used Hesiod Theogony 851)

Titenes 15.224 "In turth this would have been a fight those other gods whould have heard about, who gather to Kronos beneath us."

Phorkys, lord of the barren sea atrygetos halos medôn, ἁλὸς ἀτρυγέτοιο μέδοντος

Iliad 19.398 (êlektôr Hyperiôn) like the sun when he crosses above us. (êlektôr = the beaming sun


Persephoneia Iliad 9.456 Zeus Katakhthonios

Maia, spelt Maias Odyssey

Dionysos spelt Diônyusos, Iliad, Odyssey, as well as Dionusos in Odyssey, Boeotian Diônousos;; other Deunusos, Dinusos, Deinusos

Boreas, Thuellai
"[Zeus to Hera:] You with Boreas (the North Wind's) aid winning over the Thuellai (Stormwinds) drove him [Herakles] on across the desolate sea in evil intention and then on these swept him away to Kos." Iliad 15.26

Golden Maidens Neanides khryseiai, Neanis khryseia Iliad 18.417

Aineias 20.89 , ketos 20.145

Nymphai Orestiades Iliad 6.420 and HH 19.19 sing. Orestias

5.738 AEGIS Phobos (Terror), Eris (Hatred), Alkê (battle-strength, strength, prowess, courage, Iôkê, Gorgeios

ENYO Iliad 5.333, 5.592 same as Eris

Enyo, Enyalios 20.69, Pallas, Atrytone, Phoibos, Kypris, Kronides, Argeiphontes, Tritogeneia, Enn..

ABARBAREE Naias Nymphe, Iliad 6.21

AIDES Son of Kronos and Rhea, brother of Zeus and Poseidon, Iliad 15.187; Husband of Persephoneia, Iliad 9.457, 9.569, Odyssey 10.491, 10.534. 11.635
Other refs: Iliad 1.4, 5.394, 8.367 (Aides), 9.456 (named Zeus Katakhthonios), 20.60 (named Aidoneus)

AIETES Son of Helios and Perse, brother of Kirke, Odyssey 10.136

AIGAIOS Father of Briareus, Iliad 1.403


AISA Destiny, Iliad 20.127, Odyssey 7.197


ALKE Battle-Strength, Iliad 5.740

ALPHEIOS Iliad 21.194

APHRODITE Daughter of Zeus, Iliad 3.374, 5.348, 5.427, 14.193, 14.224, 21.107 etc., Odyssey 8.308; Daughter of Dione, Iliad 5.370; Sister of Ares 5.357; Wife of Hephaistos, 8.267-366; Mother of Aineias by Ankhises, Iliad 2.820
N.B. The story of the adultery of Aphrodite is told at a feast by the bard Demodokos. It is implied that the couple were afterwards divorced (cf. Hephaistos below.)
Other refs: numerous

APOLLON Son of Zeus and Leto, Iliad 1.9, etc.; Son of Zeus, Iliad 15.264, etc.; Son of Leto, Iliad 19.413; Son of Leto, brother of Artemis, Iliad 24.604-8; Son of Zeus, Odyssey 8.334; Brother of Artemis, Iliad 20.71, 21.470; Nephew of Poseidon, Iliad 21.469
Other refs: numerous

ARES Son of Zeus and Hera, Iliad 5.892; Son of Hera, Iliad 21.412; Brother of Eris, Iliad 4.440; Brother of Aphrodite 5.357; Father of Phobos, Iliad 13.299; Full brother of Hephaistos (implied), Odyssey 8.309;
Father of Askalaphos and Ialmenos by Astyokhe, Iliad 2.512; Father of Askalaphos 13.518, 15.111
Named Enyalios, Iliad 2.651, 20.69
Other refs: numerous

ARIADNE Lover of Dionysos (implied?), Odyssey 11.325
Other refs: Iliad 18.591

ARTEMIS Daughter of Zeus and Leto 21.502-6; Daughter of Zeus, Iliad 9.536; Sister of Apollon 20.71, 21.470; Daughter of Leto, sister of Apollon 24.604-8

ATE Delusion, Ruin, Elder daughter (presba thugatêr) of Zeus, Iliad 19.91 & 126 [N.B. It is perhaps implied that Hera is her mother, for she acts as an agent of Hera in this passage.]
Other refs: Iliad 9.504

ATHENE Daughter of Zeus, Iliad 1.201, 2.157, 4.22, 8.373, 8.420, 21.420, etc., Odyssey 1.45, etc. Brought forth by Zeus 5.875 [N.B. Probably alluding to her birth from the head of Zeus.]
Other refs: numerous

ATLAS Father of Kalypso, Odyssey 1.52

AXIOS Father of Pelegon by Periboia, Iliad 21.141, 21.157

BALIOS Horse, Son of Zephyros and Harpyia Podarge, Iliad 16.149; Son of Podarge, Iliad 19.400

BRIAREUS Son of Aigaios, Iliad 1.403

Iliad 5.697, 15.26, 21.346

DEIMOS Fear, Iliad 4.440, 15.119 [N.B. He is always paired with Phobos, who is named as the son of Ares inIliad 13.299.]

DEMETER Loved by Zeus (and mother of Persephoneia implied), Iliad 14.326; Consort of Iasion, Odyssey 5.125
Other refs: Iliad 2.696, 5.500, 13.322, 21.76

DIONE Mother of Aphrodite, Iliad 5.370

DIONYSOS Son of Zeus and Semele, Iliad 14.323-5; Son of Zeus (implied), Iliad 6.138; Husband of Ariadne (implied?), Odyssey 11.324
Other refs: Iliad 6.132, Odyssey 24.74


EILETHYIA Iliad 16.187, 19.103

EILEITHYIAI Daughters of Hera, Iliad 11.270 [N.B. Presumably their father is Zeus. They are daughters of Hera first and foremost because they preside over childbirth, one of that goddess' prerogatives.]


EOS Consort of Tithonos, Iliad 11.1; Lover of Orion, Odyssey 5.121
Other refs: Iliad 1.477, 2.48, 8.1, 10.251, etc.; numerous other refs

EPHIALTES Son of Aloeus, Iliad 5.385

ERINYS Iliad 9.454, 9.571, 19.87; Odyssey 2.135, 15.234

ERINYES Iliad 15.204, 19.259, 19.418, 21.412; Odyssey 11.280

ERIS Battle-Strife, Hatred, Iliad 5.518, 5.740, 11.3 (Erida), 18.535, etc. Sister of Ares, Iliad 4.440


EURYMEDON King (basileus) of the Gigantes, father of Periboia, Odyssey 7.57

EURYNOME Daughter of Okeanos, Iliad 18.399

GAIA Earth, Iliad 3.277, 15.36 (named Gaia), 3.104, 19.259 (named Gê)

GANYMEDES Son of Tros, Iliad 20.232

GIGANTES (Giants), Odyssey 7.59

GORGO Iliad 5.741, 8.348, 11.36, 18.240; Odyssey 11.634

HARPYIAI Harpyia Podarge, Iliad 16.150

HEBE Daughter of Zeus and Hera, wife of Herakles, Odyssey 11.603
Other refs: Iliad 4.2, 5.722, 5.905 [N.B. She attends on Hera and Ares here, implying that she is the daughter and sister of these.]

HELIOS Sun, Father of Aietes and Kirke by Perse, Odyssey 10.136; Father of Lampetie and Phaethousa by Neaira, Odyssey 12.131
Other refs: Iliad 3.104, 3.277, 14.344, 18.239, 19.197, 19.259; Odyssey 1.8, 3.1, 8.271, 11.109, 12.4, 12.269, 12.374, 19.275, 22.388, 23.329, 24.12

HYPERION Iliad 8.480 (Hyperion Helios), Odyssey 1.8 (Hyperion Helios), etc. Odyssey 12.133 (Helios Hyperion)
Other refs: Iliad 19.398 (êlektôr Hyperiôn), Odyssey 1.24 (Hyperion)

HEPHAISTOS Son of Zeus and Hera, Iliad 1.571-9, Odyssey 8.309 (implied, "my two parents"); Son of Hera, Iliad 14.166, 14.239, 14.338, 18.395, 21.330, 21.378; Full brother of Ares (implied), Odyssey 8.309; Husband of Kharis, Iliad 18.382; Husband of Aphrodite, Odyssey 8.267- 366
N.B. Hephaistos is the son of both Zeus and Hera in the Odyssey, and not of Hera alone as in Hesiod's Theogony. In the words of Hephaistos himself: "I am a cripple from my birth; yet for that my two parents (tokêe duô) are to blame, no one else at all, and I wish they had never begotten me." He further contrasts himself with his full brother Ares: "he is handsome and sound-footed and I am a cripple." Odyssey 8.310ff
In the Iliad Hephaistos' wife is Kharis. In the Odyssey a bard named Demodokos tells the tale of Hephaistos' marriage to Aphrodite. The story is of the past and not something concurrent with the events of the Odyssey. It is perhaps implied that the couple were subsequently divorced: "Hold them both fast till her [Aphrodite's] father Zeus has given me [Hephaistos] back all the betrothal gifts I bestowed on him for his wanton daughter." Odyssey 8.317ff
Other refs: numerous

HERAKLES Son of Zeus and Alkmene, Iliad 14.324, 19.98, Odyssey 11.266; Son of Zeus, Iliad 5.396, 5.631, 8.362, 14.250, 14.266, 15.25, 18.117, Odyssey 11.620, 21.25, 21.36; Apotheosis, husband of Hebe, Odyssey 11.601-5; Father of Tlepolemos by Astyokheia, Iliad 2.657; Father of Tlepolemos, Iliad 2.653, 5.627; Father of Thessalos, Iliad 2.679
Other refs: Iliad 11.689, 15.640, 20.145, Odyssey 8.224, 11.601

HERÊ (Hera) Daughter of Kronos and Rhea, Iliad 14.203; Eldest (presbytatê) daughter of Kronos, sister and consort (parakoitis) of Zeus, Iliad 4.58; Daughter of Kronos, Iliad 5.720, 8.382, 14.194, 14.243;
Sister (autokasignêtos, her own brother) and sister-in-law (daêr, her husband's brother) of Poseidon, wife and sister of Zeus, Iliad 14.154; Wife and sister of Zeus, Iliad 14.293, 16.432, 18.356 (alokhos, wife, kasignêtê, sister); Wife of Zeus, Iliad 1.518-587 & 609 (alokhos, wife), 1.609, 18.184, 18.365 (parakoitis, consort), 7.411, 10.5, 10.329,13.154, 16.88 (posis, her husband), 14.346, 21.479, 21.512 (alokhos, wife),16.91 (akoitês, her husband), 16.39 (lekhos, marriage-bed); Odyssey 8.465, 15.112, 15.180 (Zeus posis, husband);
Mother of Ares by Zeus, Iliad 5.892; Mother of Ares, Iliad 21.412; Mother of Hephaistos by Zeus, Iliad 1.571-9, Odyssey 8.309 (implied, "my two parents"); Mother of Hephaistos, Iliad 14.166, 14.239, 14.338, 18.396, 21.330, 21.378; Mother of the Eileithyiai, Iliad 11.270; Mother of Hebe by Zeus, Odyssey 11.603
N.B. Hera is the eldest daughter of Kronos: "I am likewise a god, and my race is even what yours [Zeus'] is, and I am first of the daughters of devious-devising Kronos, both ways, since I am eldest born and am called your consort, yours, and you in turn are lord over all the immortals." Iliad 4.58ff
Other refs: numerous

HERMES Son of Zeus, Iliad 24.333, Odyssey 5.28, 8.335; Son of Maias, Odyssey 14.435; Father of Eudoros by Polymele, Iliad 16.179
Other refs: numerous


HORAI Iliad 5.749, 8.393, 8.432

HUS KALYDONIOS Calydonian Boar, Iliad 9.538

HYPNOS Sleep, Son of Nyx, Iliad 14.259; Brother (kasignetos) of Thanatos, Iliad 14.231; Twin (didymaon) brother of Thanatos, Iliad 16.453, 16.681 (didymaon, twins); Bethrothed of Pasithea, Iliad 14.267, 14.275

IAPETOS Iliad 11.479

IASION Consort of Demeter, Odyssey 5.125

IOKE Rout, Iliad 5.740

IRIS Rainbow,
Other refs: numerous

KALYPSO (Calypso), Daughter of Atlas, Odyssey 1.52
Thea, nymphe, Odyssey 1.14


KER Doom, Death, Iliad 18.535; Odyssey 11.171 (Ker Thanatoio)

KERES Iliad 2.834 (Keres thanatoio), 8.73, 9.411, 12.326 (Keres myriai) 23.79

KETOS Sea-Monster, Iliad 20.145

KHARIS Wife of Hephaistos, Iliad 18.382

KHARITES (Charites) Graces, Iliad 5.338, 14.267, 14.275; Odyssey 6.18, 8.364, 18.194
Kharites Hoploterai (younger Graces) Iliad 14.267, 14.275

KHARYBDIS (Charybdis)

KHEIRON (Chiron)

KHIMAIRA (Chimera), Iliad 6.179

KIRKE (Circe), Daughter of Helios and Perse, sister of Aietes,Odyssey 10.136


KRONOS Father of Zeus, Poseidon and Aides by Rhea, Iliad 15.187; Father of Hera by Rhea, Iliad 14.203; Father of Zeus, Hera, other daughters (implied), Iliad 4.58; Father of Zeus, Iliad 1.398, etc.; Father of Hera, Iliad 5.720, 8.382, 14.194, 14.243
Other refs: Iliad 11.479, 14.203, 15.224; Zeus also frequently named Kronides (son of Kronos)

KYDMOIMOS Confusion, Din of Battle, Uproar, Iliad 18.535

KYKLOPES (Cyclopes), Odyssey 1.69

KYNA AIDAO Hound of Hades, Iliad 8.367, Odyssey 11.623 [N.B.Later authors name the hound Kerberos (Cerberus).]

KYNES ARGYREIOI KAI KHRYSEIOI Gold and Silver Dogs, Odyssey 7.91

LAMPETIE & PHAETHOUSA Theai, nymphai, daughters of Helios and Neaira, Odyssey 12.131
Lampetie 12.374

LAMPOS, horse

LETO Bride (alokhos) of Zeus 21.499, loved by Zeus 14.326; Mother of Apollon by Zeus, Iliad 1.9, 1.36 etc.; Mother of Artemis by Zeus 21.502-6; Mother of Apollon and Artemis 24.604-8


LITAI Prayers, Daughters of Zeus, Iliad 9.502

MAIAS Mother of Hermes, Odyssey 14.435 [N.B. Later authors spell her name Maia.]

MOIRA Destiny, Iliad 4.517, 5.613, 5.629, 12.116, 13.602, 18.119, 19.87, 19.410, 21.83, 24.209 . Odyssey 3.269, 11.292

MOIRAI Fates, Destinies, Iliad 24.49 -- Odyssey 7.97??

MOUSA Muse, Daughter of Zeus, Odyssey 1.10;
Odyssey 1.1

MOUSAI Muses, Daughters of Zeus, Iliad 2.491, 2.597; Nine (ennea) Mousai, Odyssey 24.60
Other refs: Iliad 1.604, 2.594

NEAIRA Mother of Lampetie and Phaethousa by Helios, Odyssey 12.131

NEANIDES KHRYSEIAI Golden Maidens, Iliad 18.417



NOTOS South Wind

NYMPHAI ORESTIADES Nymphs of the Mountain, Daughters of Zeus, Iliad 6.419

Other refs: Iliad 11.8, 20.7, 24.615; Odyssey 14.435
"The Nymphai who live in the lovely groves, and the springs of rivers and grass of the meadows." Iliad 20.7

NYSIADES Iliad 6.132 (Dionysoio tithênai, fosterers of Dionysos, of the Nyseion hill) [N.B. Later authors named them Nysiades after the hill.]

NYX Night, Mother of Hypnos and Thanatos, Iliad 14.231 & 259

OKEANOS (River Oceanus), Husband of Tethys, Iliad 14.200, 14.302; Father of the Potamoi (Rivers) (implied), Iliad 20.7, 21.194; Father of Eurynome, Iliad 18.399; Father of Perse, Odyssey 10.136
Other refs: Iliad 11.7, 14.245, 18.402, 18.606; Odyssey 4.567
He is described as the progenitor of the gods, although this is not reflected in the actual offpsring attributed him by Homer:
"I go now to the ends of the generous earth, on a visit to Okeanos, whence the gods have risen, and Tethys our mother." Iliad 14.200
"That river Okeanos, whencde is risen the seed of all the immortals." Iliad 14.245

ONEIROI Dreams, Odyssey 24.12

ONEIROS Dream, Iliad 2.6

ORION Giant, Lover of Eos, Odyssey 5.121

OTOS Son of Aloeus

OURANOS Heaven, Iliad 15.36

PAIËON Iliad 5.899

PASITHEA One of the younger (hoploterai) Kharites, betrothed of Hypnos, Iliad 14.267, 14.275

PERIBOIA Daughter of Eurymedon, mother of Nausithoos by Poseidon, Odyssey 7.56

PERSE Daughter of Okeanos, mother of Aietes and Kirke by Helios, Odyssey 10.136

PERSEPHONEIA Daughter of Zeus and Demeter (couple named, daughter implied), Iliad 14.326; Daughter of Zeus, Odyssey 11.217; Wife of Aides, Iliad 9.457, 9.569, Odyssey 10.491, 10.534, 11.635
Other refs: Odyssey 10.509, 11.213, 11.217

PHAETHON?, horse Eos

PHAETHOUSA see Lampetie

PHAIAKES (Phaeacians)

PHERES Beast-Men, Iliad 1.266, 2.742 [N.B. Later authors name them Kentauroi (Centaurs).]

PHOBOS Terror, Iliad 4.440, 5.739, 15.119 Son of Ares, Iliad 13.299

PHORKYS Father of Thoosa, Odyssey 1.71

PODARGE Harpyia mother of Xanthos and Balios by Zephyros, Iliad 16.149; Mother of Xanthos and Balios, Iliad 19.400

POLYPHEMOS Son of Poseidon and Thoosa, Odyssey 1.70

POSEIDON Son of Kronos and Rhea, brother of Zeus and Aides, Iliad 15.187; Younger brother of Zeus, 15.165, 15.204; Brother (autokasignêtos, her own brother) and brother-in-law (daêr, husband's brother) of Hera, brother of Zeus, Iliad 14.154; Uncle of Apollon, Iliad 21.469;
Father of Polyphemos by Thoosa, Odyssey 1.70; Father of Nausithoos by Periboia, Odyssey 7.56
Other refs: numerous

POTAMOI Sons of Okeanos (implied), Iliad 21.194
Iliad 3.277, 11.7, 20.7, 21.184


RHADAMANTHYS Son of Zeus and Europa, Iliad 14.321
Odyssey 4.564

RHEA Mother of Zeus, Poseidon and Aides by Kronos, Iliad 15.187; Mother of Hera by Kronos, Iliad 14.203
[N.B. Homer spells her name Rhea rather than Rheia.]

SEIRENES two sirens

SIMOEIS Brother of Skamandros, Iliad 21.307
Iliad 5.777

SKAMANDROS Brother of SImoeis, Iliad 21.307
XANTHOS Son of Zeus, Iliad 24.693
Iliad 20.40, 20.73, 21.145, 21.194, 21.212-384
"The great deep-eddying river hwo is caleld Xanthos by the gods, but by mortals Skamandros." Iliad 20.73



TETHYS Wife of Okeanos, Iliad 14.200, 14.302

THANATOS Death, Son of Nyx, brother of Hypnos, Iliad 14.231 and 259; Twin (didymaon) brother of Hypnos, Iliad 16.453, 16.681

THEMIS Iliad 15.87, 20.5

THETIS Daughter of the Old Man of the Sea 1.358, 1.538, 1.556, 21.107; Mother of Akhilleus, Iliad 1.351, etc.; Wife of Peleus, mother of Akhilleus by Peleus, Iliad 24.59
Other refs: numerous

THOOSA Nymphe, mother of Polyphemos by Poseidon, Odyssey 1.70

THUELLAI Storm Winds, Iliad 15.26

TITENES Iliad 14.272-80, and Iliad 11.479, 15.224 (not named as Titenes) [N.B. Homer spells the name as Titenes rather than Titanes.]




XANTHOS see Skamandros

XANTHOS Horse, Horse, Son of Zephyros and Harpyia Podarge, Iliad 16.149; Son of Podarge (by Zephyros implied), Iliad 19.400 & 415

ZEPHYROS West Wind, Anemos (wind) father of Xanthos and Balios by the Harpyia Podarge, Iliad 16.149, and Iliad 19.415 (implied)
Other refs: Iliad 19.415

ZEPHYROI Breezes, Odyssey 4.567

ZEUS Son of Kronos (i.e. epithet Kronides), Iliad 1.498, 2.102, 2.669, etc, Odyssey 1.45, etc.
Son of Kronos and Rhea, brother of Poseidon and Aides, Iliad 15.187; Elder brother (proteros genea, elder born) of Poseidon, 15.165, 15.204; Brother (daêr, husband's brother re Hera) of Poseidon, brother and husband of Hera,, Iliad 14.154; Brother and husband of Hera, Iliad 14.293, 16.432 (alokhos, his wife, kasignêtê, his sister); Husband of Hera, Iliad 1.518-587 (alokhos, his wife), 1.609, 18.184 (parakoitis, his wife, consort), 7.411, 10.5, 10.329, 13.154 (posis, husband), 13.825, 14.346, 21.479, 21.512 (alokhos, his wife) wife (akoitês, husband) of Hera, son of Kronos 15.91; Odyssey 8.465, 15.112, 15.180 (posis, husband);
Father of Athene, Iliad 1.201, 2.157, 4.22, 8.373, 8.420, etc., Odyssey 1.45, etc.; Father of Ares by Hera, Iliad 5.892; Father of Hephaistos by Hera, Iliad 1.571-9, Odyssey 8.312 (implied, "my two parents"); Father of Apollon, Iliad 15.264; Father of Artemis, Iliad 9.536; Father of Artemis by Leto, Iliad 21.502-6; Father of Xanthos (i.e. the river Skamandros), Iliad 24.693
Father of the Litai, Iliad 9.502; Father of Ate, Iliad 19.91; Father of Hebe by Hera, Odyssey 11.603; Father of the Mousa (Muse), Odyssey 1.10
Father of Herakles by Alkmene, Iliad 14.324, 19.98, Odyssey 11.266; Son of Zeus, Iliad 5.396, 5.631, 8.362, 14.250, 14.266, 15.25, 18.117, Odyssey 11.620, 21.25, 21.36;
Father of Helene, Iliad 3.418, 3.426, etc. Odyssey 4.569; Father of Sarpedon by Laodameia 6.198; Father of Sarpedon, Iliad 5.629, 5.673
Father of Dardanos, Iliad 20.304; Father of Peirithoös by the wife of Ixion, Perseus by Danaë, Minos and Rhadamanthys by Europa, Herakles by Alkmene, Dionysos by Semele, and children by Demeter and Leto, Iliad 14.317-27
Other refs: numerous


Ommissions: Hestia, Pan, Prometheus, Triton