Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Φαλης Phalês Phales Phallic (phallos)
PHALES was the rustic daimon (spirit) or satyr god of the processional phallos and the song (phallikon) sang at the fertility festivals of Dionysos. Aristiphanes, surely in jest, calls him the god of adultery and pederasty.

Phales was closely connected with the phallic Dionysos, the phallic Hermes, and the daimones Konisalos & Orthanes. He was also similar to the god Priapos.

Perhaps HERMES or DIONYSOS though nowhere stated

Aristophanes, Acharnanians 263 ff (trans. O'Neill) (Greek comedy C5th to 4th B.C.) :
"I will follow, singing the Phallic hymn; thou, wife, look on from the top of the terrace. Forward! (He sings) Oh, Phales, companion of the orgies of Bakkhos (Bacchus), night reveller, god of adultery and of pederasty . . . How much sweeter, oh Phales, Phales, is it to surprise Thrakian slave-girl of Strymodorus, stealing wood from Mount Phelleus, to catch her under the arms, to throw her, on the ground and lay her, Oh, Phales, Phales!"


  • Aristophanes, Acharnanians - Greek Comedy C5th-4th B.C.