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Perseus Digital Library
A brilliant on-line resource. The site contains a large collection of classical texts (Greek and Roman with English translation) as well as a large image database of classical art including Greek vase paintings, sculpture, coins and architecture. Site Search

The Beazley Archive
Large image archive of Athenian vase painting.
This site also contains a short illustrated Dictionary of Greek Gods and Heroes.

Forvm Ancient Coins
The study of ancient Greek and Roman coins.

Insecula (French Language)
Large image database of works of art from various European and American museums, including extensive galleries of classical art.

Read Print
A library of electronic texts including a selection of classical literature.


The Myth Index
An encyclopedia index of more than 3,700 names from Greek mythology.

Greek Mythology Link
One of the most comprehensive Greek Mythology sites on the web. This brilliantly referenced site contains a full encyclopedia of even the most obscure of mythological characters, along with maps, generous image galleries and detailed subject and character biographies.
To quickly find information on a character try the site's Short Entry Encyclopedia.

Timeless Myths
A large, well-organised collection of stories from Greek, Norse and Celtic mythology, and Athurian legend.

An introduction to Greek mythology designed especially for teachers and students gaining their first introduction to mythology. The site has many entertainingly written stories and cartoon graphics including sections on Gods and Heroes, as well as an Encyclopedia of names and terms from myth.

Living Myths
A clear, well-organised site covering Greek, Celtic, Chinese and other mythologies.

Women in Greek Myths
An entertainingly written encyclopedia of women and goddesses in mythology with a large gallery of images.

A good site for students with readable versions of the most famous stories of gods & heroes.

Classical Mythology, Helen Robert's Masterpiece
An illustrated introduction to the most famous stories of Greek myth.

Dictionary of Greek & Roman Biography & Myth
An online version of the comprensive C19th classical encyclopedia.


Mythimedia, Greek Myth in Today's Culture
Exploring the presence and reception of Greek myth in contemporary culture (art, music, cinema, theater, radio/tv, comics/cartoons). Multimedia research project from Bologna University, Italy.


AncientWorlds is a unique and intriguing Internet community. It is not only a venue for people interested in ancient history to meet each other - it is mixture of Ancient History, complete with articles covering an almost infinite number of subjects on the ancient world, groups dedicated to ancient religion, mythology, ancient heroes and even ancient dining, discussion boards, fantasy role-playing and on-line gaming. The whole mixture becomes a thoroughly engrossing and completely enjoyable community experience. It truly is a place where history comes alive!

Mythography Message Forums Four on-line message forums dedicated to General Myth, Celtic, Greek and Roman Mythologies.


The State Hermitage Museum (St Petersberg, Russia)
Online gallery of Greek and Roman artifacts (vases, statues, reliefs). Site Search

The British Museum (London, UK)
Online gallery of Greek artifacts. Site Search

The Louvre Museum (Paris, France)
Online gallery of Greek artifacts.

The Vatican Museum (Rome, Italy)
Online galleries of art and artifacts (incl. classical artifacts).

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, USA)
Online galleries of Greek and Roman art and artifacts.

The Metropolitan Museum (New York, USA)
Online gallery of Greek and Roman art.

The University of Pennsylvannia Museum (Philadelphia, USA)
Online gallery of Greek artifacts.


Hellenion US-based religious organization.

Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes Polytheists organisation in Greece.

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