Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Πιτανη Pitanê Pitane Of the Town Pitane

PITANE was the Naiad Nymph of the spring, well or fountain of the town of Pitane in Lakedaimonia (southern Greece). She was loved by the god Poseidon.

EUROTAS (Pindar Olympian Ode 6)

EUADNE (by Poseidon) (Pindar Olympian Ode 6)


PITANE (Pitanê), a daughter of the river god Eurotas, became by Poseidon the mother of Evadne. From her the town of Pitana had its name. (Pind. Ol. vi. 46.)

Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.

Pindar, Olympian Ode 6 ant 2 (trans. Conway) (Greek lyric C5th B.C.) :
"Beside Eurotas' stream, to journey to Pitane. She, so they tell, was loved of great Poseidon, son of Kronos (Cronus), and bore the babe Euadne (Evadne), child of the crown of violet tresses, hiding the pains of maiden motherhood beneath her robe. But when the month was come of labour's term, she sent her handmaids and bade them give the child for watch and art to Eilatos' hero son at Phaisana, who ruled in Arkadia, and dwelt by Alpheios' (Alpheus') stream."


  • Pindar, Odes - Greek Lyric C5th BC