Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Αιγλη Aiglê Aegle Radiance, Gleam,
Splendour (aiglê)

AIGLE (or Aegle) was the goddess of radiant good health. She was an attendant of her father, the medicine-god Asklepios. Her sisters included Panakeia (All-Cure), Iaso (Remedy) and Hygeia (Good-Health).

[1.1] ASKLEPIOS & EPIONE (Greek Lyric V Anonymous Fragments 939, Suidas s.v. Epione)
[1.2] ASKLEPIOS & LAMPETIA (Scholiast on Aristophanes Plutus 701)


AEGLE (Aiglê), one of the daughters of Aesculapius (Plin. H. N. xxxv. 40. § 31) by Lampetia, the daughter of the Sun, according to Hermippus (ap. Schol. in Aristoph. Plut. 701), or by Epione, according to Suidas. (s. v. Êpionê.) She is said to have derived her name Aegle, "Brightness," or "Splendour," either from the beauty of the human body when in good health, or from the honour paid to the medical profession.

Source: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology.

Greek Lyric V Anonymous, Fragment 939 (Inscription from Erythrai) (trans. Campbell) (Greek lyric B.C.) :
"Asklepios (Asclepius), the most famous god--ie Paian! By him were fathered Makhaon (Machaon) and Podaleirios and Iaso (Healer)--ie Paian!--and fair-eyed Aigle (Radiance) and Panakea (Cure-all), children of Epione, along with Hygieia (Health), all-glorious, undefiled."

Suidas s.v. Epione (trans. Suda On Line) (Byzantine Greek Lexicon C10th A.D.) :
"Epione: wife of Asklepios (Asclepius), and daughters named Hygeia, Aigle, Iaso, Akeso, Panakeia."


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