Greek Name Transliteration Latin Spelling Translation
Ιλισσος Ilissos Ilissus River Ilissus

ILISSOS was a River-God of Attika, in southern Greece.

The stream of the Ilissos flowed through the town of Athens. It flowed into the Saronic Gulf just south of the port of Peiraios. Other Attic rivers personified by the Athenians were the Eridanos, a small tributory of the Ilissos, and the twin-streamed Kephisos to the north.

PHARMAKEIA (Plato Phaedrus 229)

Plato, Phaedrus 229 (trans. Fowler) (Greek philosopher C4th B.C.) :
"Phaidros : I should like to know, Sokrates, whether the place is not somewhere here at which Boreas is said to have carried off Oreithyia from the banks of the Ilissos?
Sokrates : Such is the tradition.
Phaidros : And is this the exact spot? The little stream [the Ilissos] is delightfully clear and bright; I can fancy that there might be maidens playing near.
Sokrates : I believe that the spot is not exactly here, but about a quarter of a mile lower down, where you cross to the temple of Artemis, and there is, I think, some sort of an altar of Boreas at the place . . . Oreithyia was playing with Pharmakeia [perhaps a Naiad daughter of the Ilissos], when a northern gust carried her over the neighbouring rocks; and this being the manner of her death, she was said to have been carried away by Boreas."


  • Plato, Phaedrus - Greek Philosophy C4th B.C.