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Dionysus & Ariadne | Attic red figure vase painting
Museum Collection National Archaeological Museum of Naples
Catalogue No. Naples 3240
Beazley Archive No. -
Ware Attic Red Figure
Shape Krater, Volute
Painter Name Vase of the Pronomos Painter
Date ca 410 B.C.
Period Classical


Detail of Dionysus and Ariadne from a painting depicting the cast of a satyr play performed in honour of the god. Dionysus reclines on a couch next to his wife Ariadne and mother Thyone (not shown). The winged god of love, Eros, is perched between the two women. Dionysus is portrayed as a pretty youth with long, wavy hair and a wreath of ivy. He is surrounded by fruiting grapevines and holds a thyrsos (pine-cone tipped staff) in his hand.

This is a coloured drawing of the vase rather than a photograph.


Dionysus, Ariadne, Eros