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Hybris | Paestan red figure vase painting
Museum Collection None (formerly Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)
Catalogue No. N/A
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Paestan Red Figure
Shape Krater, Bell
Painter Attributed to Python
Date ca. 360 – 350 B.C.
Period Late Classical


Detail of Hybris from a painting depicting Dionysus travelling in a wagon drawn by Silenus.

The daemon Hybris floats above the wagon of the god Dionysus. She appears in the guise of a Maenad with a thyrsus (pine-cone staff) and wreath of ivy. The Greek word hybris has several meanings including "violence" and "excessive pride". In this scene she may personify the violence of the sparagmos--the dismemberment of live animals by celebrants of the Bacchic orgy. Alternatively she may be an avenging spirit driving Dionysus to punish the hubris of men, such as Pentheus and Lycurgus, at the time of his earthly wanderings.




Thumbnail Dionysus & Silenus

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