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Perseus & Medusa | Attic red figure vase painting
Museum Collection British Museum, London
Catalogue No. London 1873,0820.352
Beazley Archive No. 206339
Ware Attic Red Figure
Shape Hydria
Painter Attributed to the Pan Painter
Date ca. 460 B.C.
Period Classical


Perseus decapitates the Gorgon Medusa. The hero wears a chiton, winged cap and high boots, and holds a sickle-shaped blade (harpe) in his hand. The Gorgon's head rests in a round sack (kibisis) slung across his shoulder. Medusa lies behind him, beheaded with blood flowing from the raw stump of her neck. She is depicted as a winged giantess, half risen, awoken from slumber at the moment of her death. The hero's patron goddess Athena strides behind them. She wears a peaked helmet and serpent-trimmed aegis-cloak, and brandishes a long spear.


Perseus, Medusa, Athena