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Apollo, Tityus & Leto | Attic red figure vase painting
Museum Collection Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich
Catalogue No. Munich 2689
Beazley Archive No. 211566
Ware Attic Red Figure
Shape Kylix
Painter Attributed to the Penthesilea Painter
Date ca. 455 B.C.
Period Early Classical


Apollo rescues his mother from the giant Tityus. The god is depicted as a youth with long, uncut hair, crowned with a wreath of laurel. He brandishes a sword in one hand and holds a bow and arrows in the other. The giant cowers before him on bended knee with one hand raised. The goddess Leto raises her veil in a gesture of feminine modesty.

"Tityos once assaulted a mistress of Zeus himself, the far-famed Leto, as she walked towards Pytho through the lovely spaces of Panopeus." - Homer, Odyssey 11.580


Apollo, Tityus, Leto