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Iacchus & Hecate | Attic red figure vase painting
Museum Collection State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
Catalogue No. St Petersburg PAV8
Beazley Archive No. 230341
Ware Attic Red Figure
Shape Pelike
Painter Name vase of the Eleusinian Painter
Date ca 350 B.C.
Period Late Classical


Side A: Detail of Iacchus and Hecate from a painting depicting the gods of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Other figures (not shown) include Demeter, Plutus, Persephone, Eros, Triptolemus, Heracles, Zeus and Nike. Iacchus is crowned with a wreath and holds a pair of torches in his hands--one upturned and one downturned. Hecate, standing between the enthroned goddesses Demeter and Persephone, holds a pair of flaming brands.
Side B: The birth of Erichthonius (not shown).

This is a drawing of the vase rather than a photograph.


Iacchus, Hecate