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T19.13 NYX & EOS

Nyx & Eos | Apulian red figure vase painting
Museum Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Catalogue No. New York 56.171.63
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Apulian Red Figure
Shape Krater, Volute
Painter Attributed to the Capodimonte Painter
Date ca. 320 – 310 B.C.
Period Hellenistic


Night (Nyx) departs at the approach of Dawn (Eos). Eos, the winged goddess of the dawn, drives a chariot drawn by four white steeds. Nyx, holding a pair of torches, gazes over her shoulder at the other goddess. Twin torches are the usual attributes of another nocturnal goddess, Hecate, here used to identify the more obscure Nyx. The pair appear on the neck of a vase above a depiction of Amazons battling Greeks.


Nyx, Eos