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Odysseus & Circe | Attic black figure vase painting
Museum Collection Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Catalogue No. Boston 99.518
Beazley Archive No. 302569
Ware Attic Black Figure
Shape Kylix
Painter Name vase of the Painter of the Boston Polyphemos
Date ca 560 - 550 B.C.
Period Archaic


Side A: The witch Circe transforms Odysseus' men into beasts. The men are depicted with the heads, forelegs and tails of a variety of animals--two boars, a ram, a dog and a lion. The witch stands in their midst, stirring a potion with a wand. A small dog sits at her feet. Odysseus approaches from the left with his sword drawn to compel her to restore his men. Eurylochus stands on the right with hand raised in a gesture of exclamation.
Side B: Odysseus and the Cyclops Polyphemus (section damaged, not shown).

This image is a montage of a number of photos of the vase.