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Purification of Orestes | Apulian red figure vase painting
Museum Collection Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Catalogue No. Boston 1976.144
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Apulian Red Figure
Shape Krater, Bell
Painter Close to the Judgement Painter
Date ca. 370 - 360 B.C.
Period Late Classical


Orestes is purified of the crime of matricide at the shrine of Delphi. The hero seeks sanctuary at the holy omphalos stone which sits on a pedestal beneath the skull of an ox. He is flanked by the gods Athena and Apollo. Athena wears a crested helm and aegis cloak, and holds a spear in her hand. Apollo is crowned with laurel and holds a pair of arrows in one hand and a laurel-branch in the other. The Erinyes (Furies) of Clytemnestra recline in restful slumber, stilled by the ritual of the god. They are dressed as huntresses with knee-length skirts, boots and hunting spears.


Erinyes, Athena, Apollo