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Artemis & Marsyas | Lucanian red figure vase painting
Museum Collection Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Catalogue No. New York 12.235.4
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Lucanian Red Figure
Shape Skyphos, Fragment
Painter Attributed to the Palermo Painter
Date ca. 420 – 400 B.C.
Period Classical


Detail of Artemis and Marsyas from a painting depicting the satyr's contest with the god Apollo. Marsyas holds a skinning-knife and rests his elbow on a pillar inscribed with his name. He has the usual features of a satyr--pug nose and assine ears and tail. The goddess holds a pair of hunting spears and wears her hair tied back with ribbons in a ponytail.


Artemis, Marsyas