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Athena & Marsyas | Apulian red figure vase painting
Museum Collection Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Catalogue No. Boston 00.348
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Apulian Red Figure
Shape Krater, Bell
Painter Name vase of the Painter of Boston 00.348
Date ca. 370 - 360 B.C.
Period Classical


Athena sits beneath a tree upon the outspread aegis cloak playing a double-flute. A youth stands before her holding a mirror up to her face. In the myth, the goddess is displeased by the unsightly bloating of her cheeks and discards the instrument. On the far right the satyr Marsyas stands ready to recover the flute. The other three figures in the scene are the elderly satyr Silenus, a Bacchante bearing a thyrsus and a seated god (perhaps Zeus).


Athena, Marsyas, Silenus