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Gods of Earth & Sky | Greco-Roman mosaic
Museum Collection National Museum of Damascus
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Type Mosaic
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Date -
Period Imperial Roman


The gods of the earth and the sky are depicted in this elaborate mosaic. The primordial god Aeon (Time) is seated on the left holding the zodiac-wheel. He is probably equated with Uranus (Sky), Gaea's consort, in this scene. Gaea (Earth) reclines in the center attended by a group of four Carpi (Fruits of the Earth) bearing cornucopias brimming with fruit. Prometheus (Forethought) sits on the right molding mankind from clay.
Four winged Horae (Seasons) stand above the figure of Aeon. They are accompanied by Georgia, the personification of farming, and Gripeus, personification of fishing. Both wear rustic caps. To the right of these stand the butterfly-winged Psyche (Soul) and the caduceus-bearing god Hermes.
The upper register features the heads of four blowing Anemoi (Winds) and a pair of winged infants labelled Drosoi (Pure Waters) who pour water from the clouds. The winds from left to right are Notos (South-Wind), Euros (East-Wind), Zephyrus (West-Wind) and Boreas (North-Wind).


Aeon, Gaeia, Horae, Anemoi, Psyche, Hermes, Prometheus