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Zeus & Aphrodite | Apulian red figure vase painting
Museum Collection The J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu
Catalogue No. Malibu 86.AE.680
Beazley Archive No. N/A
Ware Apulian Red Figure
Shape Loutrophoros
Painter Attributed to the Painter of Louvre MNB 1148
Date ca. 350 - 340 B.C.
Period Late Classical


Detail of Zeus, Aphrodite and Eros from a painting depicting the tale of Leda and the Swan.

Zeus, the king of the gods, sits in a palace or temple accompanied by the deities of love and desire. The god is crowned with a wreath (of oak?) and bears a royal sceptre. Astrape (lightning personified) stands to his left (see image T32.1). Aphrodite wears a stephane crown, double necklace, ring and coiled bracelets and holds a device on a cord (possibly a magical love-wheel or iynx). The infant god Eros (Love) sits upon her outstretched arm grasping her chin in supplication. The scene is a prelude to the panel below which depicts Zeus' seduction of Leda in the guise of a swan.


Aphrodite & Eros | Apulian red figure vase painting

Detail of Aphrodite and Eros.


Zeus, Aphrodite, Eros


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